The Void

This is a shell site for a few of my projects.
This will be an akward syntactic quirk of using this platform to host multiple "sites"and for the sake of silly analogies, it can be thought of as subdividing a plot to create a little gated community within this district.

The Void

This is the shell site, backdrop and general storage space for my ambitions.

The over-arching standards/goals for these sites are; to be epistemilogically consistant and self contained within this shell site (as much as can be with natural language), to make sophisticated use of the infrastructure provided by W3 for serving the purposes/functions of each site, to be as rigourus as possible, to enable access by accomodating various disabilities and assisting comprehension with duplicate texts in various media.

High Concept

The various philosopical groundings as basis for interpretions and understanding with a particular focus on "emotional maturity".

This will begin with various disjoint ideas and insights as I slowly expand, coalesse and synthisize them into a more comprehensive and functional philiosophy. Also expect my interest in mathematics to reflect in the structure and interpretation.

Epistemology's Sister

An axiomisation of Mathematics, and various conceptual approaches.

While stand alone, this collection will be built with the above ideas in mind to hopefully build up a more comprehensive and intuitive Mathematics that also allows it to be seen as a branch of epistemology.